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Blade Templates

Templates in Staticus are handled by Laravels Blade engine. To learn how to use Blade templates you should refer to the Laravel Blade documentation.

Page object

Every page will have a $page object injected into it that contains the information about the page defined in config.php (e.g. $page->title). A $page object may have the following attributes:

  • path - The path to the page
  • title - The title of the page
  • frontMatter - An optional array of front matter data for the page

Collection entries contain the same data but also have the following attributes:

  • markdown - The markdown content for the entry
  • html - The generated HTML for the entry

Staticus object

Every page will also have a $staticus object injected into it that can be used to access helpful information.

// Get the current environment

// Get config values

// Get content data

Global data

Any data included in your config.php will be globally available to all pages via $staticus->config().

// config.php
return [
    'siteTitle' => 'Staticus',
    // ...

// In pages
{{ $staticus->config('siteTitle') }}