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Collection archive pages have a $pagination object injected into them:

    @foreach ($pagination->items as $post)
        <li><a href="/{{ $post->path }}">{{ $post->title }}</a></li>

@if ($pagination && $pagination->lastPage > 1)
    <div class="pagination">
        @if ($pagination->prevPagePath)
            <a href="/{{ $pagination->prevPagePath }}">&lt;</a>

        @for ($i = 1; $i <= $pagination->lastPage; $i++)
            <a href="/{{ $pagination->path }}/page/{{ $i }}">{{ $i }}</a>

        @if ($pagination->nextPagePath)
            <a href="/{{ $pagination->nextPagePath }}">&gt;</a>

The $pagination object has the following attributes:

  • items - An array of entries for this page
  • currentPage - The index of the current page
  • perPage - The number of entries per page
  • lastPage - The index of the last page
  • total - The total number of entries
  • path - The base path for the collection (e.g. posts)
  • firstPagePath - The path for the first page (e.g. posts/page/1)
  • lastPagePath - The path for the last page (e.g. posts/page/9)
  • nextPagePath - The path for the next page (e.g. posts/page/2)
  • prevPagePath - The path for the previous page (e.g. posts/page/8)