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Sometimes you need to generate different content in different environments (e.g. only including analytics scripts in a production environment). Staticus supports this by allowing you pass an environment name to the build command. This is already pre-configured for you in our NPM scripts:

npm run dev   // environment: local
npm run prod  // environment: production

Staticus uses the environment name to merge environment specific data into your config.php. For example, if a config.production.php file exists data from this file will be merged into the base config array if the site environment is production.

// config.php
return [
    'siteTitle' => 'Staticus',
    'analyticsScript' => '',
    // ...

// config.production.php
return [
    'analyticsScript' => '<script>...',

You can then check for the existence of this data in your templates:

@if ($staticus->config('analyticsScript'))
    {!! $staticus->config('analyticsScript') !!}